The Moons

The Conduits of Magic

“Mythology tells us that magic comes from the stars beyond and this energy is captured and focused towards the world by the four moons. Well, five moons but we know so little of the fifth it would be unfitting for me to speculate as to its nature.”

- Saerosaer, High Elven Archmage of the Library Vendwellen

The moons are deeply intertwined with the world, the tides, and magic. Each one waxes in power during particular seasons and wanes in others. There are five moons, four of them become dominant during one of the seasons, the fifth appears dominantly at random intervals during each season. Each moon influences particular forms of magic when it attains dominance during it’s season.

The Five Moons

Ethuil, The Moon of Spring

Named after a Seer of Gwenna who was praised for her gift of sight and her devotion to the Lady of Mysteries. The moon Ethuil rises high during the spring season. Followers of Gwenna perform important rituals during this season to honour their goddess and to empower their abilities to discern truth or seek insight.

Ethuil is a bright, pale moon that shines clearly through spring evenings but takes on a dusty grey hue during other seasons.

Finwe, The Moon of Summer

Finwe is a herald of the Elven god of magic, Athain. He is depicted as an Elven traveler wearing worn traveling boots, a hiking stick, and a magical tome. Summer is the season of travel and you will always find merchants upon the road. Finwe travel goes beyond the roads and his feet find paths to distant lands and even worlds.

The moon Finwe is a russet hued orb that shines brightly in summer evenings.

Thyrrne, The Moon of Autumn

An unreliable spirit in Silvanus’ service. Takes the form of a wolf and is fickle with his duties. A representation of the ever changing state of nature. Through Thyrrne’s carelessness the curse of lycanthropy was exposed to the world.

Thyrrne is a pale moon much like Ethuil, it can however take on orange or crimson tones throughout its dominant season.

Arkimend, The Moon of Winter

Like the season it oversees, Arkimend represents the ending of life and in a few ways the rejuvenation or transformation of those energies. It should come to no surprise that any who perform necromantic magic will notice a change in the spells they manipulate.

Arkimend is generally a bright pale orb much like its siblings but has been known to develop a violet hue during certain phases. This strange colouration does not affect the moonlight it sheds on the world oddly enough.

The Cursed Moon

More to come.

The Moons

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