General Knowledge

General campaign information for players

A great kingdom stood, centuries ago, as a bright beacon of the age. The greed, scheming, and viciousness of humanity brought it crashing down. Now humans are suffering the loss of their first great civilization in the same way that the longer lived races have lost theirs over the ages.

Humans are a ragged and floundering few, with few lands to call home. The other peoples of the world continue with their lives, some breathe a bit easier with the decline of human power.

Few and Far Between

The world as you know it is a dangerous place. The roads are overgrown, the wilds have become more treacherous, and the towns and villages of the old kingdom are few and far between. The major cities of the kingdom (those that survived) are now independent city states with their own rulers, militaries, allegiances.

Sablewood Vale

Your journey begins in a region called Sablewood Vale. Some of you may have been here before, others may have lived here all their lives, and still more may come from abroad. No matter your origins, you come here now looking for opportunity.

The Skies Above

Stories say that magic comes from the very skies and moons, which focus that energy towards the world. The five moons have always been a subject of debate and study. Four of these are widely know to have orbits coinciding with the seasons of the world. Each one dominant during a season in a year. The fifth moon, however, lays beyond knowledge or understanding of the greatest scholars. It has shown up at irregular intervals from year to year and has driven scholars to frustration or worse, madness.

General Knowledge

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