The brutal leader of the barbarians...


Kyrosh’s followers worshipped him like he was a god made real. He was described as being with the proportions of large, muscular man, but the skin, face, and fury of dragon.

He led a short lived campaign to steal what was left on the barely traveled roads of the Vale and then mount a full on assault against the village of Oakhearth. A group of adventurers arrived in Sablewood Vale early one spring and intervened in a number of his plans.

During the middle of spring he staged numerous raids on farms North of the town, Feor’s Hold, as a distraction from his true intent. The adventurers returned from the dealing with the raiders to discover he planned to conquer Feor’s Hold all along. Their return changed Kyrosh’s fortunes quickly, his forces were stopped at the Southern gates of the town, and were delivered a crushing blow.

The saviours of Feor’s Hold never met Kyrosh face to face and now rumours abound that he fled the Vale altogether.



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